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Finance Fun Facts 

1. If you invested $100 in Microsoft in the year 1986, it would be worth around $45,000 today!

2. All of Google's investments are worth more than the GDP of countries like Iraq.

3. Goldman Sachs AUM is worth more than the GDP of Vietnam.

4. Before the creation of the Federal Reserve, banks could make their own money.

5. Historically speaking, stocks have given a 8% rate of return over time.

6. Around 28% of US Families have a long-term financial plan.

7. Manufacturing a penny costs around 2.1 cents.

8. Many people who win the lottery end up going broke.

9. USA itself accounts for 40% of the world's stock market.

10. Trading stocks is one of the oldest forms of investment.

Personal Finance Quiz

1. What is the biggest expense in the average person's budget?

     A: Healthcare

     B: Housing

2. Which of these is NOT one of the factors that affect your credit score?

     A: Payment History

     B: Interest Rate

3. Which of these statements about saving is true?

     A: Save is only for long term goals

     B: Saving money each month prepares you for future

4. What is a bear market?

     A: Stock Prices Falling

     B: Stock Prices Rising

5. If you get hired as an employee, your paycheck should...

     A: Have taxes automatically accounted for

     B: Not cover the taxes portion

6. What does FDIC insured mean?

     A: A bank will owe you $250k

     B: Federal gov will repay deposits up to $250k if bank fails

7. What is one aspect of interest?

     A: A fee that banks pay to you if you take a loan 

     B: A fee you pay to banks upon taking a loan

8. Which of these is NOT a fee that might be charged on a checking account?

     A: Withdrawls fee

     B: Overdraft fee

9. What is an insurance premium?

     A: Amount given to you by Insurer

     B: Amount you pay each month to keep policy active

10. Finally, you're shopping for new clothes and see that all jeans and shorts are 25% off. How much will you spend if you buy one pair of jeans that's normally $36 and one pair of shorts that's normally $20?

     A: $42 without tax

     B: $41 without tax

Answers 1-10: B B B A A B B A B A

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