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Our interactive workshop curriculum and unique professional opportunities will allow you to explore the vast world of business and finance! Sign up for our upcoming events or view our past events below.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Investment Hackathon 2022

The Project Venture Investment Hackathon immerses students in a fast-paced, real-world business experience. This hackathon will allow students to dive deep into the fields of finance, business, and economics in order to help solve some of the most crucial challenges this industry faces.

Location: DVHS

Date: 3/25/21

College Savings Workshop

Over 85% of students are eligible for financial aid, but most don't even know that they are eligible for aid. Financing your college journey is just as important as the application process even though it is overlooked by most people. Join us for Project Venture's College Financial Planning Workshop to learn how to take control of your college expenses!

Location: Zoom

Date: 11/20/21

Cryptocurrency Workshop

Ever wondered why Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are on the rise and why many investors are extremely bullish on this commodity?

Location: Room 3211 DVHS

Date: 09/27/2021

Business Role Play Competition

In teams of 1-2, you will be given real-life scenarios in which you will be challenged to come up with a solution/proposal that will be presented to business professionals. Your team will have the option to choose either the personal finance or the marketing track. The winner of each track will either win a $100 cash prize or a DecidED backpack with a Bluetooth speaker, wireless earbuds, school supplies, and more.

Location: Zoom

Date: 08/28/2021

Fintech Entrepreneurship

What is it like to start your own fintech company as a college student? What challenges and obstacles will you face while establishing your company? Venture into the world on entrepreneurship and investing at our Bumper Investing Guest Speaker Workshop.

Location: Zoom

Date: 06/26/2021

Principles of Personal Finance Workshop

Picture this: you're an adult who just secured your first job. You get your first paycheck, but how do you make sure you can pay your bills, buy necessities, and still work towards your financial goals? School barely teaches anything about money, so our Principles of Personal Finance workshop helped students understand the basics of managing their finances!

Location: Zoom

Date: 05/01/2021

2021 Tax Day Workshop

Understanding your taxes is a crucial life skill, yet many of us never learn how to file tax returns in school. With Tax Day (April 15th) happening around this time, we helped students take control over this aspect of their finances by covering the various types of taxes, important forms to consider, and a case study of an individual's tax situation.

Location: Zoom

Date: 04/17/2021

2021 Investment Hackathon

The 2021 Project Venture Investment Hackathon immersed students in a fast-paced, real-world business experience.

Through one of two competition pathways, competitors were tasked with researching and addressing a given problem, then presenting their solution to industry professionals. One pathway involved proposing an investment strategy for a client, while the other involved creating a solution to combat economic inequalities. Guest speakers from Bank of America, PwC, Berkeley Haas, and more, offered insights into the business world, and students had the opportunity to win up to $500 in cash prizes!

Location: Zoom

Date: 03/27/2021

Stock Investment II Workshop

How do you assess which stocks you should invest in? Our Stock Investment workshop series sought to answer this question for students. In this first workshop, we covered the concept of fundamental analysis, important metrics used to assess companies, and the basics of discounted cash flow and comparable analysis.

Location: Zoom

Date: 03/13/2021

Stock Investment I Workshop

How do you assess which stocks you should invest in? Our Stock Investment workshop series sought to answer this question for students. In this first workshop, we covered basic concepts of the stock market, different strategies to invest with, and principles for how to effectively research & analyze companies before investing in them.

Location: Zoom

Date: 02/27/2021

High School Startups Workshop (ft. Chloe Chia)

Attendees got a crash course from entrepreneur Chloe Chia on creating a startup that makes revenue, and learned about ideating a disruptive idea, organic marketing techniques, whether you need VC funding, pitching, approaching investors, and more. By the end of the workshop, attendees gained a solid foundation for building their own startups!

Location: Zoom

Date: 02/13/2021

Business Economics II Workshop

What drives the decisions of top companies like Apple or Amazon? How can economic decision-making principles be put into practice on a daily basis? This second workshop in our Business Economics series covered the foundations of market systems, market and competition structures, and focused especially on the real-world applications of these concepts. Attendees used these ideas in formulating strategies for a hypothetical retailer.

Location: Zoom

Date: 01/30/2021

Business Economics I Workshop

This first workshop in our Business Economics series covered supply and demand, supply/demand curves and their determinants, elasticity, and focused especially on the real-world applications of these concepts. We concluded with a business case study for attendees to apply the economic principles they had learned.

Location: Zoom

Date: 01/16/2021

PV x BofA Personal Finance 101

Bank of America guest speakers covered personal finance topics ranging from taxes to banking to credit. This workshop allowed attendees to connect and network with professionals as well as understand crucial concepts to have a successful financial future.

Location: Zoom

Date: 11/14/2020

Economics 101 Workshop

Participants were introduced to the diverse field of economics that will help them to understand the biggest economic headlines of the real world. We covered fundamental economic concepts such as scarcity, marginal analysis, and supply/demand curves.

Location: Zoom

Date: 10/10/2020

Investments 101 Workshop v2

We covered the fundamental principles for investing to help attendees start their own portfolio! We dove into the basics of various financial instruments, including stocks, bonds, funds, and derivatives, and ended with an activity for students to formulate a general portfolio allocation for themselves.

Location: Zoom

Date: 09/12/2020

The Belly of the Financial Beast: Intro to the Financial System

Brian Lee, a student at Wharton, gave an introduction to the American financial system. He explained many of the aspects of the finance industry, including commercial and investment banking, the causes of financial crises, and how they all affect the economy as well as our personal lives.

Location: Zoom

Date: 06/20/2020

Investment Hackathon

High School Internships Workshop

Daniel Zhang, an incoming freshman at the UMich Ross School of Business and former Bay Section FBLA Officer, gave a lesson all about teen internships. He covered internship opportunities available to high school students, how to capitalize on these opportunities, and how to expand your professional network for success!

Location: Zoom

Date: 06/05/2020

Investing Strategies Workshop

To help students participate in our virtual investment competitions, we covered fundamental investing principles to formulate a strategy and maximize one's returns. Topics included value investing, growth investing, momentum investing, and reasons to use each strategy based on an investor's individual profile.

Location: Dougherty Valley High School

Date: 05/02/2020

Tax Day Workshop

We celebrated Tax Day in the United States by getting a head start on this crucial life skill. We went over different types of taxes, some important forms to file, and a case study of an individual who has to pay taxes.

Location: Dougherty Valley High school

Date: 04/15/2020

Project Venture x Bank of America Investment Hackathon

With the help of local industry professionals from Bank of America, we held an investment hackathon with nearly 100 students from the Bay Area. Attendees were challenged to create the best investment strategy for a hypothetical client based on their needs. They then pitched their ideas to a judging panel of professionals and gained valuable insights into the financial industry from multiple guest speakers.

Location: Dougherty Valley High School

Date: 02/21/2020

Berkeley Professor Guest Speaker

Berkeley Professor Jennifer Lyons gave an introduction to many financial topics, including the time value of money, capital budgeting, and portfolio theory, as well as their applications to the real-world. Participants explored possible career choices in this industry and networked with a professor from a top university.

Location: Dougherty Valley High school

Date: 02/06/2020

Economics and Personal Finance Workshop

In our third workshop, we covered basic economic principles as it relates to managing one's personal finances. Concepts included economic modeling, the Permanent Income Hypothesis, and economic cycles relating to credit.  

Location: Dougherty Valley High School

Date: 01/17/2020

Financial Literacy Workshop

Our second workshop covered the fundamentals of personal financial planning. Concepts included budgeting, managing credit, savings, and investing. We concluded with a Kahoot quiz to test our students' knowledge.

Location: Dougherty Valley High school

Date: 11/22/2019

Investments 101 Workshop

Our first-ever workshop was hosted for an audience of 60 students at Dougherty Valley High School. We covered the fundamentals of investing for one's financial future, with concepts including reasons to invest, types of investment vehicles, and questions to keep in mind when making an investment portfolio.

Location: Dougherty Valley High School

Date: 10/16/2019

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