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Project Venture aims to empower students for success by teaching finance, economics, and entrepreneurship. We host a wide variety of educational workshops with topics ranging from taxes to economics, equipping students with vital business skills to succeed as adults. We also host virtual investment competitions for students to gain hands-on experience with finance. Every year, we host our flagship Investment Hackathon that allows attendees to solve problems using finance knowledge.


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Upcoming Events

Investment Hackathon 2023

Join us for Project Venture’s annual business hackathon on Friday, April 21st. This hackathon will allow you to dive deep into the fields of finance, business, and economics in order to help solve some of the most crucial challenges this industry faces. You'll be given a case study and challenged to design a creative solution. Guest speakers will offer unique insights into professional careers and the importance of financial planning. We have a prize pool of OVER $1,000 for the top teams from each pathway. 

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Take part in workshops, hackathons, competitions, and speaker events to gain insight into modern financial topics while building connections with professionals in the field! 

Investments 101 Workshop Slides

"You guys are amazing. When I first came to your investing event back in February I was totally clueless about how economics and investing works. Then I started playing your Marketwatch games and I was totally into it. Recently, all of a sudden I have this motivation to consider economics as a major rather than engineering. Project Venture has shown me this new side of the world that exists out there other than technology. I always look forward to any of your workshops and am excited to learn more".

--- Bank of America Hackathon Attendee

"I find this an amazing opportunity and a great way to learn new things. I am very interested in finance as a second major. Keep up the good work".

--- Workshop Attendee

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